I believe that your soul (higher-self, energy, intuition, life, whatever you prefer to call it) is always communicating with you.  

It tells you what you need most, what will bring you the best life, and what will help you become your best self. It tells you when you need to stop doing something, or when to remove yourself from an unhealthy environment. It knows things that intellectually you don't understand.  

If you've ever had the experience of knowing something without knowing how or a strong sense about a person or place without any outside information, you've experienced this higher communication.

Sometimes you know what needs to change, but fear stops you from taking action. The problem is that ignoring your inner whispers won't silence them. Instead, they grow louder and louder.  

That's not all, these energies are so powerful, and your soul's purpose is so important, that your life can start to implode. It's like life says, "Oh you're not going to make the changes you need? Okay, I'll shake things up." 

A few years ago, I got to live this out. For over a decade, I'd busied myself with helping others and raising my children.  

I was a dutiful daughter and a reliable partner to a man I loved but wasn't in love with. My coaching business was booming, and I was clinging to the predictable pace of things. Why rock the boat? I reasoned. 

Meanwhile, my soul, the part of me that came here to immerse itself in the richness of life sat frustrated. It wanted to fall in love, create beautiful things, and to free every woman in the world who was stuck.  

In 2014, my mom was diagnosed with a terminal illness. I was stunned, but not just by her prognosis: My mom was dying . . . And so was everyone else. The only difference was she knew how and when.  

I couldn't shake this realization. Even when I went back to my busy-ness, it followed me. It stalked me in my dreams, rode in the passenger seat of my car, and even sabotaged my comfy TV time. 

I'm human, and I have no delusions about being perfect, but I do have decades of life and coaching experience. I couldn't play ostrich any longer.  

I’d outworn my stay in my prior life, and one of us was going down. If I stayed, it would be me.  

I sat down and gave myself the sort of intensive coaching I reserve only for those who really want it and can handle it. No hiding. No excuses. No fear. Nothing but brutal truth and bold action.  

I left the relationship, focused on caring for my mom, and vowed that for the rest of my life I would listen to my soul.  

When my mom died, I gave myself time to grieve, took a break from my work, sold my home, and let go of 80% of my belongings. I started over.  

Have you ever needed a fresh start? Do you ever feel an incessant urging, like a weak infant hidden somewhere and crying for your attention? Or maybe yours shows up frustrated and pissed off that you’ve ignored her so completely.  

Tolerating constant dissatisfaction with your life is debilitating. Doing something about it can be terrifying. It opens up a whole can of scary worms: (cont'd next column)  

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"At 43, BLS gave me the courage to return to school and start the business I'd been too afraid to attempt before."--Jennifer Lane, Designer

“In 12 weeks, I reinvented myself. I have a clear plan for the next chapter of my life."—Maria Rey 

"Cynthia can tap into chaos and negative emotions and come away with a clear understanding of how to overcome those challenges. When you need clarity, smart guidance, and loving honesty, she’s the one to turn to." --Sherri Shepherd, The View

How can I afford it? How can leave without hurting them? What will my parents or children think of me? What if I fall flat on my face? What if I make colossal mistakes and end up broke, or worse, heartbroken? What if I regret it?  

These questions could swirl around endlessly, long enough to keep you bound to an outgrown life, marriage, career, location, and social group, forever. 

Like until you die.  

I come bearing news from the other side. It’s been difficult. Things didn’t go as planned. Some things produced less than I wanted and others took longer than they were supposed to. It was uncomfortable, and uncertainty became normal. I moved more in those three years than in the prior twenty.  

I also fell head over heels into the sort of love I wasn't sure existed, passionate, tender, kind, and enduring.  

My dreams of seeing the world and freeing women to embrace their souls' calling have materialized.  

Was listening to the gnawing ache in my soul worth it? 


As I emerged from the chaos (which precedes all transformation), I saw the power of the choices I’d made settling into a new landscape. 

This new world is mine. It’s filled with that long-missing feeling of excitement to live each day, my way. It’s magical.

I do the work I want. I live where I want. I spent time with whom I want. I say what I want. I treat others the way I want to be treated. 

I love my life. 

Isn't it time for you to love yours too?

 It's going to take some work (totally worth it). If you're ready to do what it takes, I'm here to guide and support you. 

FIve years ago, I founded, The Beautiful Life School (BLS), an online program with courses, meditations, live-coaching (with me), and a supportive community of women on the same journey.

This program requires an intense commitment from me and you. Enrollment is limited, and there are only a few sessions a year.

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Cheers to you and your beautiful life!




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